The Middle Class in the Launderette as Pandas at the Zoo

At first they’re wide-eyed
and insufferably cute:
the light is more 
than expected,
surroundings unfamiliar. 
They tread gingerly, 
touch machines 
and wash-baskets gently.
The soap powder box 
might as well be
an ice block 
containing pear chunks.
Them working out 
where the coins go 
will be shared on YouTube
by Japanese girls
for months; 
their cute, middle-class, 
faces of awe 
memed, t-shirted and tea-towelled.
They actually read 
washing instructions on labels,
use fabric softener 
and turn up 
without the correct coins.
O the joy 
of the ‘what to do?’ 
‘til the Turkish lady
sorts them change,
explains a service wash.
I can’t afford the Zoo these days, 
but I surely rinse my smalls.
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